Shooting Today

My husband and I are currently collaborating on an art installation, and my part is slightly overdue. So this morning I find myself in the kitchen where the light is good but the timing is bad, shooting in a pop-up studio, ignoring a huge pile of dishes on the counter, while also trying to get two rambunctious kids dressed and out the door to preschool.

The Studio

It’s going well, I’d say. Continue reading

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Sunrise Over the Potomac River

Friday morning I brought my daughter to school quite early for a field trip, so I took advantage of the opportunity to photograph the sunrise over the Potomac River at Algonkian Regional Park.  Sunrise usually happens while we’re getting ready for school, or on the way to the bus stop, so this was a nice treat.

Ice and Sunrise

I spent about 30 minutes sitting on that icy bank, wishing I’d worn warmer pants, and listening to Turkeys gobbling and a Barred Owl ask, “Who cooks for you? Who cooks for you-all?” Continue reading

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Wearing Green

This week my Abigail asked if I’d teach her to sew, because she’d found this beautiful green fabric in my stash and she needed to make herself a skirt to wear for St. Patrick’s Day. She’s very particular about her clothing, and this was the first time she’d asked to make something for herself, so of course I agreed.


Fabric: The Lovely Hunt, Unicorn Green by Lizzie House

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