Abigail making her Advent Wreath at church last Sunday.

December 1 means that I announce the winner of my little contest, which the Random Number Generator decreed is:

Turner Family

Congratulations, Turners! And thank you to everyone who entered.

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My Aunt Andy

I’m sad to announce that my Aunt Andrea passed away last night. She was diagnosed with cancer in March, just a few weeks before my mom got sick.

I’m fortunate to have lived near Aunt Andy for much of my childhood. She took me on fun overnights to her apartment in Manhattan, even though I annoyed the heck out of her cat, Squeaky. She took me shopping, brought me to gardens, and took me to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see the Christmas tree. When she and Uncle Art bought a house near us in NJ, I spent so much time there that she kept a box of dress-up clothes for me and my friends to use. She even hosted my birthday party in her backyard pool.


She has been a huge support to me over the years, frequently commenting here and on my blogs, commissioning crochet hats and giving feedback on my writing. She even flew up from Savannah to attend Betsy’s 1st Birthday party.


This picture is of my mom (on the left) and her older sister Andy (on the right); two brave and beautiful women that I will miss more than words can say.

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Where I Am Today


The Kitchen Table Studio

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