Strawberry Time

Yeay! Strawberries! I’ve been looking forward to this season for months.  In anticipation, I made myself a strawberry skirt. The pattern is McCall’s 4306, and the belt is a vintage 1970’s piece that I stole borrowed from my mother decades ago.

Strawberry skirt

strawberry skirt 2

Here’s a closeup of the fabric:

Strawberry fabric

I also added fabric ties to my straw hat, so it won’t continue to sail off my head on windy days, and a hatband because I think it looks prettier.

Hat from front

This green and white print is a little reference to Scarlett O’Hara’s green and white garden party dress.

Hat from side

I had just enough fabric to eek out those ties. Scrap project #7/101 complete!

And then, finally, it was time. We headed out to Great Country farms with my mom and some dear friends and picked a wagon load of strawberries. Which the two-year-old insisted on pulling “all by my wealth.”

Berries in the field

Abba picking

have one

Henry and Grandma



And then the next day we got together again and made a little jam.

Making Jam

We started with 27.5 pounds (of our 40 pounds) of strawberries, and produced 43 pints of jam.


I love the ruby red color of fresh strawberry jam. It will darken over the next few months and it will taste just as good, but it’s the prettiest color now. We stopped buying store-bought jam a few years ago. This, plus a few smaller batches with other fruits, will be more than enough to last us through the year, and to gift a few, too.

But we’ve already consumed quite a bit on fresh scones. Because it’s strawberry time.

About rbpepper

Rebecca is an artist, writer, and photographer with degrees in Theater and Social Work, and is currently a Stay at Home Mom to her three kids. Some part of her house is always a mess, she lets her kids paint on the table and design their own costumes, and she makes excellent allergen-free cookies. She lives with her equally creative husband and children in a part of Virginia known for being "pretty close to Dulles Airport", and dreams of moving to an old farmhouse in New England.
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3 Responses to Strawberry Time

  1. Jesska says:

    Scones are great! As are strawberries 🙂

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