Claude Moore Park: August

This is the fifth installment in a year-long series of monthly scenes from Claude Moore Park in Sterling, VA. To read from the beginning, please visit the past months:






South entrance to the park. Like it or not, I’m beginning to see a hint of yellow in the leaves.

This month we had to check out the new construction in the Discovery Grove, because DIRT!

Discovery Grove bear cave and climbing wall, in progress.

In the interest of picture-taking, I forced my poor children to take a five minute hike to get there, instead of their usual beeline from the parking lot.

Hiking. Because I am mean.

As we came around the back of the Visitor’s Center, I spied something I hadn’t seen yet in the park this year:

Monarch behind visitor's center

The very hungry monarch caterpillar.

a monarch caterpillar, munching on milkweed leaves! I got a few quick images and headed off to chase the children. And then I didn’t really think about it again while we played at the Visitor’s Center.

A two-year-old box turtle and model for photography camp.

Hello Turtle

As we were leaving via the front path, a park employee exclaimed in surprise, having spied a monarch caterpillar munching on a milkweed leaf. It turned out that the one I’d seen earlier hadn’t just been the first one I’d seen, it was the first one anyone had seen in the park this year.

Another hungry caterpillar

Since there have been so few monarchs this season, park staff decided to move them to a location safe from predators. In total, we found three that day.

They made interesting photography camp subjects.

photography class

These kids had way fancier cameras than I did. I probably should have asked them for tips about for how to use mine.

Two days later, we returned to the park for Ordinary Times.

lanesville house

Get it? Ordinary Times?

The kids always have fun dressing up, helping out, and trying new (old) things.

Lanesville House dress-up corner.

Cooking pottage in the kitchen.

A little writing.

Harvesting cucumbers in the kitchen garden.

Planting peas using a Dibblet.

Ye olde selfie.

Before we left for the day, we checked on the monarch caterpillars and found…


…one of them had changed into a chrysalis! If all goes well, we’ll have butterflies early next month.

Until then, happy discovering!

About rbpepper

Rebecca is an artist, writer, and photographer with degrees in Theater and Social Work, and is currently a Stay at Home Mom to her three kids. Some part of her house is always a mess, she lets her kids paint on the table and design their own costumes, and she makes excellent allergen-free cookies. She lives with her equally creative husband and children in a part of Virginia known for being "pretty close to Dulles Airport", and dreams of moving to an old farmhouse in New England.
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