Rainbow Hearts and Unicorns Quilt

I am so proud to announce that I have finally finished this quilt, and before my daughter’s birthday!

This quilt was a long time in the making. Here was my original sketch, done in September of 2014.


I’m glad I went with the hearts. If I’d tried to applique all those different frolicking ponies I’d still be working on it!

It’s based on Cheryl Arkison’s Grass, published in Sunday Morning Quilts: Sort, Store, and Use Every Last Bit of Your Treasured Fabrics by Amanda Jean Nyberg and Cheryl Arkison.

I wanted this quilt to be colorful, youthful, and fun, and to incorporate three things my oldest daughter loves; rainbows, hearts, and unicorns.  When I saw the pattern for Grass I thought maybe I could applique something in those white spaces.

Here is the end result:

Finally Finished

The Front

And here’s the back:

The Back

Loving the Unicorns

I think she likes the unicorns she chose.

She fell in love with that rainbow unicorn fabric and begged me to make something for her with it. And I secretly did, although she wouldn’t know about it for a long time.

Hearts and Unicorns on the Back

I like how the quilting around the hearts on the front shows through to the back, continuing the theme. On the sashing I quilted loops of lower case cursive letter “e”s, for her initial.

The quilt is bound in rainbow hearts as well.

Bound in Rainbow Hearts.png

A few of the fabrics on the front were chosen because they were pretty or went with the color theme, but most have a special meaning, as they’re scraps from old costumes, pajamas, her baby quilt, her sister’s quilt, etc. It’s been such fun watching her discover and remember them.

Discovering the Fabrics

This is only the second full-size quilt I’ve made (and the fourth I’ve made of any size), so I’m learning a lot as I go. It’s a combination of machine piecing and applique and hand quilting. At times I questioned my thinking, tackling a project of this size, but it’s rewarding to see how much my daughter enjoys it.

She Likes It

Now her little brother is asking for a quilt of his own, and my husband is asking when we’ll get one for our bed, so… we shall see!


And this makes scrap project #10/101.

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About rbpepper

Rebecca is an artist, writer, and photographer with degrees in Theater and Social Work, and is currently a Stay at Home Mom to her three kids. Some part of her house is always a mess, she lets her kids paint on the table and design their own costumes, and she makes excellent allergen-free cookies. She lives with her equally creative husband and children in a part of Virginia known for being "pretty close to Dulles Airport", and dreams of moving to an old farmhouse in New England.
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3 Responses to Rainbow Hearts and Unicorns Quilt

  1. mindingmomma says:

    You can’t stop with one family member! The quilt looks great, and greatly loved.

  2. rbpepper says:

    Oh, thank you! She and her sister both have quilts now, so I think you’re right. I’ll have to make one for her brother and one for the grown-ups, too. Have to!

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