The Time My Daughter and I Won Some Photography Awards

I recently honored one of my mother’s last wishes and entered some pictures in the Friends of Claude Moore Park Photography Expo, and Betsy asked to enter a few too. Everything we submitted made it into the juried show, and we even won a few awards! We can vividly recall when and where we took each of these pictures, so we’ll give a little background with each.


Betsy’s 3rd place ribbon for “Stream in the Snow” in the 12 & Under category.

From Betsy, age 9: We were taking a walk at Claude Moore Park about three weeks after the blizzard we had last winter and I saw this “stream in the snow” and I could not resist. I just took the picture not knowing it later would be…3rd place at a photo expo!          

The rest of the descriptions are by me:


My 3rd place picture in Beginner Roots & Buds, “October Milkweed.”

I took this on one of my walks around the park while Henry was in preschool last fall, right after we’d returned from my mother-in-law’s funeral. The day was cloudy and I couldn’t get the blue-sky-and-fall-foliage pictures I’d hoped to capture, but I was drawn to the soft golden colors of the meadow next to Frogshackle Pond, where I saw this milkweed.


I also got 2nd place in the Beginner Roots & Buds category for “November Bloom.”

My husband and I were walking around the park one November morning, in the free hour between various school Thanksgiving events, when the form and texture of this skeletal flower caught my eye. I also took several pictures with two flowers in the frame, but in the end I preferred the simplicity of just one bloom.


I was awarded first place in the Beginner History & Heritage for “Abigail at the Door.”

This was taken at Ordinary Times several summers ago. Abigail was barefoot and wearing a dress hand-made by my mother, and was playing with the doors of Lanesville House just the way that I imagined a child would have done 200 years ago. The two front doors lead into the separate parlors for male and female guests of the Ordinary. I liked the composition of the shot, especially the angles of her arm and foot.

I had never entered the photo expo before due to my close connection to the park, although it turns out that judging is done by pros that I’ve never met, and it’s all anonymous. The judges don’t know the names of the photographers, or even the titles of the photographs. I’m also pretty new to photography; you can see the evolution of my work even over the short time I’ve had this blog. At any rate, it’s nice to have validation for something I enjoy so much.

Congratulations to all those who entered their work in the photo expo. I’m honored to be in such great company.


I wish my mother could have been with us this weekend. She would have been so proud.

About rbpepper

Rebecca is an artist, writer, and photographer with degrees in Theater and Social Work, and is currently a Stay at Home Mom to her three kids. Some part of her house is always a mess, she lets her kids paint on the table and design their own costumes, and she makes excellent allergen-free cookies. She lives with her equally creative husband and children in a part of Virginia known for being "pretty close to Dulles Airport", and dreams of moving to an old farmhouse in New England.
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8 Responses to The Time My Daughter and I Won Some Photography Awards

  1. Lisa V says:

    That’s awesome – do they do it every year?

    • rbpepper says:

      Yes, the do! This was the 9th Annual Expo. My daughter is already making plans to enter again next year.

      • Lisa V says:

        That’s great 🙂 Good luck! What time of year do they do it?

      • rbpepper says:

        It’s in mid-September. This year the submission deadline was the 16th, and the Photo Expo was the next weekend. The county website for the park has some info in the sidebar (like past winners, rules, etc.), and if you’re on facebook and like the Claude Moore Park or Friends of Claude Moore Park pages, they’ll likely post the info for next year’s contest there as well. In case you know any photographers interested in entering. 🙂

  2. Melanie Bidlack says:

    How wonderful for you both!

  3. reocochran says:

    I enjoyed finding this link! I enjoy artistic photographs. I liked the ones you and your daughter took. Smiles, Robin

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