My Garden in February

For years, I longed for a garden of my own. And now that I have one, I don’t know what to do with it.

I suspect that this property was once owned by people who loved to garden. After all, someone built this potting shed.

Snow on the Potting Shed

But I also suspect that it has been years since the garden and trees were properly tended. Most of the yard is now quite shady, with large patches of moss or of bare dirt.

Examining Dirt

The seed packets in the potting shed increased my suspicion. Look at the dates!

Seed Packets

I have loved gardens all my life. I love visiting them, I loved helping Mom in hers, I love reading about them.

Snow on Pots

But I don’t actually have much gardening experience. I don’t know how to determine microclimates, or trim trees, or lay a walkway. I wish Mom were here to walk the yard with me and point out all the things that would be obvious to her.

I wish she were here to see it, period.

I’m afraid to do it all wrong.

So for now, I am researching. Some of it is fun, like poring over seed catalogs and daydreaming about all the plants that I want to buy. Some of it is tedious, like pricing replacing our falling-down fence. A lot of it is intimidating.

But this yard is full of surprises.

Tulips Emerging

All over the place, tulip and daffodil and iris leaves are popping up. I haven’t seen the yard in spring, but neighbors tell me we have beautiful tulips and peonies on the way.

And yesterday morning, I saw my first blooms of 2018.


These lovely purple crocus blossoms feel like a bit of encouragement from this garden in need of love.

About rbpepper

Rebecca is an artist, writer, and photographer with degrees in Theater and Social Work, and is currently a Stay at Home Mom to her three kids. Some part of her house is always a mess, she lets her kids paint on the table and design their own costumes, and she makes excellent allergen-free cookies. She lives with her equally creative husband and children in a part of Virginia known for being "pretty close to Dulles Airport", and dreams of moving to an old farmhouse in New England.
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5 Responses to My Garden in February

  1. illlive says:

    Such gifts to the novice gardener, these bulbs. They move me. And thus I am moved to leave a comment here, in this garden, rather than the faster-moving ecosystem of Facebook. I’m no gardener, either, but last spring I sprung for plants from our local garden center in lieu of a hardware chain… and I was most surprised and pleased with the results. So were the bees!

    • rbpepper says:

      And I shall just have to explore all of the local garden centers. Have to! Also, my new town has a big garden festival in the spring, and I am intending to take full advantage of that.

      I think you will appreciate that all of my gardening books were my mom’s. Some were my grandmother’s! I’m sure some of the information is out of date, but I love them anyway.

  2. carolee says:

    You’ll do fine, and it appears you have a helper. Love your shed, put it to use. Take this year to map what is already there, identify plants (take a leaf to a good garden center and they’ll be happy to help) and grow a few of your favorites. That’s a significant start, and let it progress slowly. Best of luck.

    • rbpepper says:

      Thank you for the encouragement, and for the excellent ideas! I think even mapping where the bulbs came up first will help me to identify the warmer and cooler parts of the yard.

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